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Spotless Cleaning’ Tips for Remove Grease Stains from Jackets

Grease is one of the most stubborn stains that can spill on your leather jacket as it takes away the lustrous look that was once a major characteristic of your favourite piece of clothing. Regardless of the tenacity of grease stains, you still have to think about removing the stain as failure to do so further reduce its timespan. Fear not about the complicated process as our domestic cleaning guideline will enlighten you on how to do it right.

Assemble home cleaning ingredients

As experts in spotless cleaning, we advise that you immediately try to remove the stain when it spills on your jacket. Talcum powder and microfiber cloth are two tools you will need for this purpose of cleaning the leather jacket. Just as is customary with our professional cleaning services in spotless cleaning, your efforts should be centred on dabbing the grease as much as possible – use the microfiber cloth for this exercise. Never try to scrub the jacket as this will end in more damage to it than has already been done by spreading the stain.

Find texture direction when domestic cleaning your leather jacket

The next process entails applying a cleaner to give the leather jacket that shiny look it deserves. Based on our experience in spotless cleaning as a Sydney domestic cleaning experts, we advise that look for the texture direction of the jacket to ensure that you apply the cleaner along the grain and not against it.

Apply talcum powder in home cleaning of your jacket

Talcum powder – or regular baby powder – helps to absorb the grease without damaging your leather jacket. Apply it sparingly and let it sit for some time – at least for hours – to allow it absorb as much grease stain as possible. Afterwards, using a cloth, gently rub off the talcum powder off the leather jacket; one rule for this domestic cleaning service taking care not to scrub it back into the clothing.

A common precaution applied by our Sydney cleaners is to first assess the jacket before applying any cleaning materials to ensure that the latter does not damage the jacket. Our advice is to apply a small amount of the cleaning material on a hidden part of your jacket. Let it sit for around 10 minutes to see if the cleaning material causes any damage.



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Safety Tips for Spring Cleaning Services Sydney

At our professional home cleaning services, we place great emphasis on safety when conducting our spring cleaning in Sydney and elsewhere. Our cleaners understand the risks associated with this exercise, such as, injuries from back complications, falls on slippery floors as well as asphyxiation from inhalation of harmful fumes. If you are undertaking spring cleaning by yourself, you should be cognisant of these risks as well. Here’s our valuable home cleaning safety tips to keep you secure while you go about cleaning your house.

Walk carefully on wet surfaces when spring cleaning home

It is important to take due care when walking on wet surfaces lest you slip, fall and get a serious injury in the form of sprained ankle or broken arm. By extension, this would mean restricting your kid’s access to the room, which is currently undergoing spring cleaning to spare them from the risks of injuries, which might occur. Domestic cleaning tools that might cause a slippery floor include detergent solutions as well as soapy water.

Use step stools and ladders carefully when home cleaning

Ladders and step stools will be necessary to offer you increased height when cleaning windows, ceiling or higher shelves. An unsteady ladder does not allow you to balance properly while conducting domestic cleaning; a fall from a ladder can be quite devastating when you are far high above the ground. You need someone to hold the ladder and steady it for you while you climb it. For greater stability, wear non-skid footwear and ensure that ladder rungs are not wet. Avoid leaning excessively on one side of the ladder as this will shift the weight to one side hence making the ladder or step stool unstable.

Follow instructions when using Sydney house cleaning chemicals

You should be wary of the various home cleaning chemicals because some of them may produce toxic fumes that can leave you with health complications, such as, asphyxiation, stomach complications as well as skin conditions. For example, mixing bleach and ammonia is a no-no because can emit dangerous fumes. You should open all windows in the room to enhance air supply and avoid intoxication by the nasty fumes emitted. Wearing rubber gloves can help avoid skin problems that include dry or cracked skin.