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Home Cleaning Tips for Bachelors in Sydney

Being a bachelor is one of the toughest phases of a man’s life because he has to do everything for himself. House cleaning represents the biggest headache because of the time and energy involved in the exercise. Thank God for our professional Sydney home cleaning services company, which undertakes the cleaning of your home, such as, mold removal or remediation as well as sewage extraction and carpet cleaning.

Understandably, there are times when you may need to man up and take on the challenge of thoroughly cleaning your humble abode. When you decide to take matters into your own hands, you will need these Sydney house cleaning tips to help you achieve a refreshing, clean look and feel for your house.

Gather basic home cleaning tools

A successful cleaning exercise will require you to have all the basic tools needed for every aspect of the process including cobweb removal, rug cleaning as well as window cleaning among others. For example, you will need clean cloths for dusting and wiping dust from windows, window panes or furniture. Equally important are chemicals, such as, vinegar and water, which are helpful in cleaning mirrors and windows. A bachelor’s domestic cleaning equipment also contains a mop and vacuum as well as a powder cleanser for cleaning the bathroom.

Develop a ‘my home cleaning etiquette’

You should develop a housekeeping policy that guides how you maintain the cleanliness of your humble abode. Our Sydney cleaners’ advice is that this policy should include ‘outlawing’ the piling up of dirty dishes in the sink, which will ensure that you always keep your utensils clean to avoid contamination. Another element of this ‘my home cleaning etiquette’ would be to ensure that there are constantly clean towels and linens in the house in addition to only using non-toxic air fresheners to create fresh breath in the house.

Remove bathroom odour while cleaning home

Cleaning your bathroom is more than just scrubbing the toilet and sink while removing all the garbage lying around. You will have to leave it with a fresh scent that makes the whole house inhabitable. Pour a solution of club soda on your bathroom floor as well as around the toilet seat while letting it sit for approximately five minutes. Thereafter, you can clean the areas where you applied the soda and let it dry.


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