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Common Stubborn Kid Stains Handled by Our Eastern Suburb Cleaners

The home cleaning services industry is an interesting one due to the fact that those involved in it get to meet interesting characters in their line of duty. One of them are children who are some of the most likely candidates to come back home in the evening with stained clothes. This is quite understandable considering that childhood is a time for exploration of the world around us, which sometimes demands that we get down and dirty – literally.

Our professional Sydney cleaners have been called numerously to help remove various kinds of stains caused by kids in the home. Regardless, our experts are sure to turn up and get the job done. Here are some of the common kid-stains that have proven stubborn to many mothers hence warranting our intervention:

  1. Crayon stains

Kids are always taken in by colours and often form a deadly – albeit educational combination – with crayons. They will endeavour to sharpen their drawing and painting skills on every ‘drawing platform’ they come across including walls, curtains or even their own clothes. Our experts handle such a case by first spraying the affected area with WD-40 before letting sit for approximately five minutes. The next process involves rubbing a liquid detergent on the stain before rinsing. Sometimes, a machine wash or stain remover may be necessary.

  1. Gum, sticker and glue

Clumsiness is a forgivable part of a kid’s growing up or growing pains. Bondi Junction Bellevue Hill Woollahra Rose Bay Dover Heights Randwick provides that it is evident when let loose with a sticker, glue or gum, which can prove to be stubborn stains. Gum stains removal basically involves scraping as much portion of it as possible from the affected area. An ice cube is used beforehand let it freeze and allow for easy scraping. Also used is a bit of glycerine that loosens any remaining residue of the stain so that our home cleaning experts can scrap the stain off completely and rinse it.

  1. Grass stains

Due to the competitive and physical nature of games involving boys, green stains are a common occurrence – especially on their clothes. Based on our domestic cleaning experience with regards to stain removal, our experts would advise that dry solvents, such as, acetone or mineral spirits will work. This involves rubbing the solvents on the stain using a brush or cheesecloth. Care is often taken not to conduct the process in a poorly-ventilated room as this can cause breathing problems resulting from the inhalation of the chemicals.

Our stain removal home cleaning professionals in Sydney is equipped to clean up after your kid as he continues his learning curve. Call us today for more information regarding our services. No stain is stubborn enough for us.


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