Eco-Friendly Cleaning is Health-Friendly Cleaning

Have you ever wondered about the strong stench of chemical cleaning products left by your household or office cleaner?

Is this healthy for you and your kids?

One of my friends always felt that her child developed auditory processing disorder because of an exposure to cleaning products when her daughter was just four days old.

Likewise in many medical clinics powerful cleaning agents are required.

This can turn these premises into overly-sanitised buildings from which all air and water leaving the building are heavily contaminated.

It was the case a few years back where a women’s health clinic in Brisbane was so focussed on cleanliness that they didn’t just poison their local waterways, they poisoned their staff with many staff taking ill because of over-exposure to strong cleaning chemicals.

Human allergies are also often triggered by cleaning chemicals. Its quite common nowadays for people to overuse detergent when washing their clothes and bed-sheets, leading to skin rashes and eczema which can not just take over the exposed areas of the skin, but gradually take over the entire body.