Cleaning Furniture – What Chemicals To Avoid

We take the extra effort in keeping our furniture in tip top shape. This is indeed quite true especially since these are the very first items guest will notice once they are inside your home. Furniture contributes greatly in making homes complete and furnished. For that matter, it is important to ensure that your furniture is in a relatively good condition upon its use. Homeowners today clean their furniture on a regular basis in an effort to always keep them looking new and fresh. With that being said, there are cleaning products homeowners should be wary about especially when dealing with wooden furniture. Let us look at what chemicals to avoid when cleaning such items.

A common ingredient found in most hand sanitizers is alcohol. It should be noted that alcohol will eat through color and topcoat on many leathers leaving a discolored area. The same can also be said when applied in wooden furniture. It will basically blister the wood and scar it for life.

Dish Soap when mixed with a mild solution of soap and water does not necessarily harm wood furniture. However, a concentrated bottle of dish soap can leave spots in the finish.

If you have that hard to remove dirt and grime on your furniture, you may be inclined to use abrasives or hard chemicals to clean them. With that being said, we do not advise the use of such chemicals which include ammonia, powdered all-purpose cleaner, Endust, Pledge, oil soap, or any type of wax or silicone base products on your furniture. In frequent cases, some homeowners use vinegar as a main component used to clean wooden furniture. However, it is best to test it first on a small, inconspicuous area of the wood just to be safe.

Avoid pouring cleaning products directly on your furniture. Chemicals and cleaning products that are applied generously in spots can absorb into wood, cause swelling and an uneven look over time. It is ideal to find and look for some soft cloth rags that are clean. Furthermore, make sure that these have not been used with other cleaning products that may damage the wood.

Cleaning aside, maintenance also plays a very important role in keeping your wooden furniture in a good working condition. You may want to check if your furniture has cracks or any related condition as they may need repaired as soon as possible. You can also maintain quality of wooden furniture by keeping them out of direct sunlight or at least try to minimise exposure. Furthermore, regular dusting is advised which helps avoid dirt buildup.

The time may come in which your furniture may need to be replaced in the near future. For the meantime, it is best to care for your furniture for them to last a fair amount of time. It is good to hear that finding furniture is made easy with online stores available at any given time. You can easily replace them individually or get a furniture set and replace them as a whole.