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If you are reading this, it is most likely that doing household chores is using up most of your time.

We know the feeling that you’d rather spend time with your loved ones than mop the floor or tend to the garden. Trust us, we’ve been there. Maybe now is the right moment to consider hiring some help; for instance, cleaners Sutherland Shire.

But before making the big decision that could possibly change your life, there are various things that you need to factor in in choosing a cleaning company. These may include your budget range, your cleaning needs, independent versus corporate cleaners, and the reputation of the help, among other things. Listed here are some of the best cleaners Sutherland Shire, should you require their help in cleaning local offices, clinics, shops and commercial premises.

Cleaners Sutherland Shire

Shire Cleaning Ladies
Ph 0417.500.002

Shire Cleaning Ladies means serious business when it comes to home and office cleaning. This Sutherland Shire-native business aims to scrub off the inconvenience that cleaning your house or office gives you. They believe that not only it will bring about a more liveable life, but also let you have more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Their 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry assures that customers will have unparalleled customer service, a professional and reliable cleaning solution and a perfectly clean home and/or office. Aside from home and office cleaning, Shire Cleaning Ladies provide spring cleaning, vacated cleaning and ancillary services, such as carpet cleaning and ironing. If you are looking for immaculate cleaning solutions from cleaners Sutherland Shire, Shire Cleaning Ladies offers great deals at a reasonable price.

SKG Cleaning Services
Ph 1300.885.588

One of the most respected cleaners Sutherland Shire is SKG Cleaning Services. The company promises to provide seamless professional cleaning services that range from commercial, educational, industrial, health care, retail and corporate solutions. For 40 years, SKG Cleaning Services is dedicated in delivering top-tier cleaning service for all their clients.

SKG Cleaning Services boasts that they are one of the industry’s leaders for various reasons. For one, they strictly adhere to AS/NZS standards, such as AS4801 OHS Management, HACCP Food Safety and ISO14001 Environmental Management. In addition, they always strive to improve the business practice by introducing new cleaning applications, incorporating environment-friendly solutions and constantly reviewing their business methods and service protocols. You can get a free assessment and cleaning quote from the BSCAA Cleaning Company of the Year today.

Shire Chem Dry
Ph (04) 1442.6993

Shire Chem Dry is a carpet cleaning company that has been servicing the Shire community and St. George area for 15 years. One of the trusted cleaners Sutherland Shire, Shire Chem Dry promises a delightful and fast carpet and upholstery cleaning experience to its customers. In addition, the company’s cleaning solutions are delivered by friendly professionals who guarantees a gentle and safe cleaning approach.

Shire Chem Dry is also an established business in terms of removing allergens and bacteria from your home. Their cleaning service is proven to clean off 98.1% of typical household allergens that can be found in carpets and upholstery. Moreover, laboratory testing showed that Shire Chem Dry removes 89% and 82.3% of bacteria in the air and carpets, respectively. They also provide pet urine removal, mould remediation and tile and grout cleaning services. If you want your lounges and carpets to smell and look like new, just give them a call.


House Cleaning Services in Sydney

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Blanch & Doyle’s
Ph (02) 9520.5311

Blanch & Doyle’s cleaners Sutherland Shire has been in the business for over 30 years. It is their mission to stay updated from recent trends and developments in cleaning technology, comply with the Green Standards and environmental laws, and invest in their workforce and cleaning solutions to provide only the best and trusted cleaning service. This upholstery and carpet cleaning company also sell non-hazardous, no-rinse carpet and fabric spotter, and a biological stain and odour remover for urine treatments.

One of the few reasons why they managed to remain in the industry for so long is because of their flawless service. Aside from delivering quality and on time services, they see to it that they pull off an efficient cleaning practice and determine the changing needs and expectations of their clients. This way, Blanch & Doyle’s can meet the quality benchmark they instituted ever since their business started.